Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'm home for Thanksgiving and so grateful for my family today! Aren't we good looking? I'm so glad to have four super cute boys totally in love with me, that's right- FOUR! and the best mom and dad in the world! I LOVE MY FAMILY!

Ping Pong Table!

This summer, my family got a ping pong table! We had so much fun with it, and now that i'm home i have access to our pics! let me just say- Around the World is the best ping pong game ever!

Becca begging me to blog!

I wanted to keep with the B theme of my blogs! let's see how long i can keep that up! Well Becca, you can now see my blog, but remember, i don't know how to blog and you promised to help me...so this is me asking for some blogging help! HELP! my blog is boring and needs a serious makeover!