Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Adventure!

Well some of you know, but for those of you who do not, I am starting a new adventure! 4 months ago I graduated from college and was really excited about what was coming next. i had no idea what that was, but i was excited about whatever was coming next. Things started off pretty rocky, but things have been quite good lately! I got a job that i liked, and started a calling that has been going well!
And now, things are changing! which makes life an adventure!
here's what makes life an adventure- work, school, church!

WORK! I have really liked substitute teaching and it has been a great thing for me. I've learned that i really like being in the classroom and teaching those kids, however crazy they might be! which has helped me to decide that i am going to go back to school for math education. right now, it seems like the right thing for me! i still want to do school psychology, but it may be a few years until that happens. but...unfortunately, i'm out of a job come June, so i have to find something to do for the summer- lame! so i have to figure that out right now

SCHOOL! although i think i have decided to do math education, i am in the process of figuring out how i'm going to do it. i applied to Utah State and Boise State and have been accepted to both, and although i'm pretty sure that i will be going to BSU there are still some other options that i'm thinking about and i'm not sure which one to do- ugh! and i need to figure that out in the very near future!

but the main reason that life is a new adventure...
CHURCH! A few months ago, I was called to be the 2nd counselor in my singles ward Relief Society presidency, which was a really great thing for me! it helped me feel like i had a purpose here in Nampa, for however long i was here. Well, it appears that i will be in Nampa for long than anticipated!
because yesterday i was set apart as the Relief Society president in my singles ward!!! WOW, right?! I KNOW! i am feeling so many things about this new calling- anxious, excited, nervous, humble, grateful, overwhelmed! so many things! I am excited about the chance that i have to serve the Lord and serve the sisters in my ward, but i know it's going to be a lot of work and responsibility! i already feel that responsibility!! i've been thinking a lot for the past 2 weeks about relief society, the Savior and His characteristics, love, leadership, divine nature, belonging, i've been studying like crazy! I want so much to get this right, to do what the Lord would have me do in this calling, i just hope that i can!! this is kind of a big deal to me! when i graduated, from the talks that were given and graduation speeches, i felt that i had had the opportunity to learn at BYU-I and now i was to take that knowledge and go serve! well i now know that the Lord wants me to serve in Nampa Idaho! not where i thought that i would be after graduation, but i think that helps me know that this is where the Lord wants me! if it was what i planned on, He'd make me go somewhere else, or at least it always seems like that! but i'm here, in Nampa, and ready to give this Relief Society President thing a try!! "Be of good cheer and get to work" were the wise words of my bishop, so here i go!

These are some of the weightier things i've been thinking about lately! but i am so excited to get to testify of womanhood and the blessings of Relief Society! So that's what i'm going to do!

"I worry that some of you feel you don’t fit in Relief Society, that you don’t belong! Whether you feel too young or too old, too rich or too poor, too intelligent or too undereducated, none of us is too different to belong! If I could have my heart’s desire, it would be that every one of you feel like you fit, like you belong. I testify that you do fit, that you do belong to Relief Society—the Good Shepherd’s fold for women."

Bonnie D. Parkin, “Belonging Is Our Sacred Birthright,” Ensign, Nov 2004, 106–8

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Input needed...

I found a pattern for this dress online!! two words- IN LOVE! i have decided that once Joann's has a great sale (one weeks time) and once i finish my other projects currently in the works, i am making this dress!!!

this is how it looked when the designer made it!

i need some input! what color or pattern do you think would look best?? i really really really like the light grey and olive green! i'm half tempted to do the same, but i'm also feeling some multi colored floral or something! but that's where you come in! Please let me know what you think i should do!

Next order of business...
remember when my hair looked like this- (all my life up to 2006)

and i cut it to look like this??- (Spring 2006)

well it looks like this now... (Present)

and i very much want to cut it like this... (Summer 2010?)

although i would be a brunette, not a blonde! (and don't judge me on these horrible pictures...they're horrid, i know!)

i've been wanting to do this for a while now, so maybe it's time! i've been planning on donating my hair and i think it's the 10 inches it needs to be!! what do you think?? should i go for it....again!??!!?!

these are just some of the things that i've been thinking about lately!!
anticipate a post in the near future about the weightier things i've been thinking about....