Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Marriage!

This morning, at 12:15am(ish), technically 1/1/11, my brother Brenen proposed to his girlfriend Lindsey

and she said YES!

that's right, brother #2 is getting married! holy cow! two brothers getting engaged less than a month apart! CRAZY!
Lindsey is from Middleton, is in my grandparent's and aunt and uncle's ward, and they all wanted the two to meet for the longest time. They finally met in Rexburg this semester, and have been dating for about 3 months! and now they're getting married! normally i'd say "you're crazy" but it doesn't seem crazy for them! they're a good match!

it's really exciting though- two engagements, two weddings, two new sisters!

it's going to be an exciting new year!