Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Post!

I haven't written on my blog in the longest time, so i decided that i should at least post something since it has been so long, it might seem like i don't have a life! and sometimes i wonder the same thing! I have been deep into my last semester at BYU-I so i have only had that as my life! Most days i go from 9 or 10 until 6 or 7 nonstop!! thankfully after midterms, things have slowed down a little bit, but midterms just mean that the semester is coming to a quick end! i almost can't believe that i am graduating in December! i have to remind myself everyday, else i will probably not get anything done that i need to!

i'm in a stage right now where i am having to make some new goals for my life because i have achieved as many of my current goals as i can! New goals....anybody got any ideas!? I'm making a list of things that i want to do with my life and this is what i have so far-

Make a better Philo T. Farnsworth museum in Rigby, Idaho

Go to the Logan Temple and do baptisms for the dead

Take a cake decorating class

Go to graduate school

Graduate from college - check!

Pay off my school debt

Get married

Have kids

Go to a temple session in every temple in the United States

Be in the temple with all of my family

Buy a new car

Drive a convertible

Make a quilt

Read all of Jane Austen's books

(these are not necessarily in any kind of order!)

Go to see a Broadway play in New York

that's all i've got so far! if anyone has any ideas of great goals to have in life, let me know! i need some direction!