Saturday, April 18, 2009

End of Winter Semester!

This semester has been one of the best! i loved loved loved loved loved my roommates! I was so glad that i stayed in Riviera so that i could meet and know these girls- Kariann, Lexi, Laura and Kenzie! we ended the semester off with a bang, complete with finals, cleaning, packing, picture taking and a midnight trip to Dennys! Most of us extended the goodbyes because we all went down to Utah for the break, but then again most of Rexburg went down to Utah for the break! It was so fun to hang out on campus with nothing to do, while everyone else ran around stressed out with school work! and now i am home, and glad to be here with my family, but missing you girls tons! All i can say is i loved this semester and i love you! thanks for making it a great semester number 8!

I also must have spent the semester doing enough homework and studying because I pulled through with A's! (and one A- but that one should have been an A too, but i won't get into that)! Whew, that's a load off of my mind! Another semester accomplished- 8 down, 1 to go! ....and then 3 more years after that! woot!