Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Things

Thanks to my dear Becca, who tagged me, I am going to spend some much need sleep time coming up with random facts about me...excitement!
Here we go...
1) I can not keep a secret worth beans! well, an exciting secret! It's probably one of my biggest faults and i try to hide it oh-so-well, but let's face it, if you tell me something exciting, i'm going to want to tell people, unless i am explicitly told not to! but i'm sure not good at secret keeping!
2) I am teaching a math class on campus! part-time, once a week
3) My brother is coming home from his mission in 5 1/2 months! I am so freaking excited that i'm having dreams about him coming home! He doesn't know it yet, but he's going to be my best friend!
4) I LOVE SHOES! AND CLOTHES! i have more than enough clothes to last me at least a month without doing my laundry, and probably shoes to go with it! 
5) I cried when my mom came home and told me that my youngest sibling was going to be a boy! I already had 3 brothers and wanted a sister, but i wouldn't trade my Dally Wally for anything!
6) My hair is my secret pride! Honestly, i have great hair! it's not straight and it's not curly but it can do both! it's amazing! and it's a lovely chocolate brown! I also hate it when people tell me i have black hair, cause i dont!
7) Today my best friend Shantal and i were making biscuits at the same time, AND the same kind of biscuits!! IT'S AMAZING! i know this because i called her as i was making biscuits and she answered while she was making biscuits!
8) My wise words of wisdom usually consist of these phrases- It's not a big deal, don't worry about it, things will work out!
9) I have a new found love of waffles! i make them at least once a week and love them with peanut butter, bananas and tons of syrup!
10) I don't know how i ended up at BYU-Idaho, and i don't know how i ended up as a psychology major, but i did and i am!
11) I rarely if ever sleep under my covers! I don't like being restricted and i don't like making my bed so i sleep on top of the covers with a blanket!
12) I put exclamation points at the end of almost every sentence!!!!!!
13) I am a devout stadium singer!
14) I think the brain is fascinating! and i like math! and i like school! i'm a nerd, i know!
15) I am having Rock Band withdrawals! i'm an awesome guitarist!
16) I am a horrible decision maker, at least when it comes to what i want! i know what i don't want, but i have to use that info to narrow down my options to what i do in fact want!
17) Today is my one month anniversary of knowing Laura McKeen!
18) I am competitive when it comes to two things- academics and bowling!
19) I am my mother's daughter! Apparently we are identical! even though we don't see it!
20) I hit the snooze button every morning for at least an hour!
21) I LOVE WINTER! i love the snow, and i like cold weather, i hate being hot, so Rexburg is an awesome place!
22) i like throwing parties! i like being the hostess of parties! i like people coming over for parties! i love parties!
23) I like polka dots! i used to hate them, my mom would try to get me to buy things with polka dots on them and i refused because i hated polka dots and i swore that i would never like polks dots...yeah, i like polka dots!
24) i may be lactose intolerant, sucky!
25) i don't like to capitalize my i's!


Becca and Kent said...

Hooray for missing sleep to do this post! Although I didn't say you had to do it late at night... I'm so glad you played along!

I actually learned a lot of things about you--like the polka dots thing--that's so funny! I knew some things already (the secret keeping, the clothes one, and the snooze button). :D And it's sad that you might be lactose intolerant. I love milk and cheese and ice cream and I would be so sad to live without them.

You're wonderful! Love you!!

Oh, and we need to plan our dinner.

The Tibbitts said...

I loved your 25 things! It's fun to get to know even more funny quirks about you than I already knew :) j/k! I love you Jes!

By the way, I do plan on returning your black skirt. I just don't know when because I don't get out much, and I keep forgetting when I am in town. Maybe you could come visit me again; I would really, really like that! Actually, that's a good idea--I am holding your skirt hostage 'til you come visit me and Luke!

Megan said...

You're so cute! And I didn't know your were an exclamation fanatic!!!! haha You're great keep going with the Blog bc I love it