Saturday, October 23, 2010

My New Place!

so September 10th, I moved into a new place. It's taken a while to get some pictures, but today I took some. I thought I would share them with you!

The House!
(my room is the first window upstairs)

The Front Room

The Living Room

The Dining Room

The Kitchen
My Bedroom

forgive the mess on my couch!

I would love to put my creative touch on all surfaces of this house, but my budget is restricting all of that! oh if only i could do everything i want to do! come by and see it sometime! i love having visitors!! now if i could throw all of my favorite roommates over the years into this house, it'd be perfect! love you and miss you my college roommates!! not the same without you!


The Tibbitts said...

It would have been very fun to live in a house like that together.:) I am a little confused. Did you buy this house? Are you living alone? Why did you move? I love the house, but I was curious about these other things.

Megan said...

Aww I love your place! And I wish I was there, I can't wait to come and visit. How are your new roommates? How is work and such? It feels great being out again doesn't it? Miss ya I hope all is great! and I LOVE 308

Becca and Kent said...

Oh how I love that house! Your rug is SO cute, and your whole bedroom is adorable, and you have a fireplace AND a piano?! How wonderful!

Do you think maybe we can all just set our lives aside for a while and come back to live with you-just the five of us?

Love ya!

Andrew and Shan'tel said...

Wow, this house is cute! Look...all your favorite roommates are the ones commenting on this post;) Next time I'm in Nampa I will stop by!

jesikalo said...

All my favorite roommates did comment! i love you ladies! to answer Kay's questions, i'm renting from a girl in my ward who owns the house, there's 3 of us from my ward living here. i moved so that i wasn't 23 and living at home :) Come to Nampa and visit me!

Heather said...

What?! You are missing me!!! lol, call me back!