Wednesday, February 24, 2010

surveys!! :)

some of you might not know this about me, but i really like taking surveys! i don't know why, it's a weird thing to like, maybe it's the psychologist in me coming out; i used to do it all the time but it's been quite some time! well it's time for another survey!!

There are two things that I need some info on:

- how often do you carry a purse with you when you go out???
less than 25%
25% to 50%
50% to 75%
more than 75%

- (this is more for my own curiosity) when was the last time that you wrote in your journal?? do you even have a journal??

i have been working on catching up on my journal, which is pretty much the only thing that i ever do when i write in my journal!! but the good news is that i am only 7 months behind! not bad considering! i've always been a big journal writer, it really helps me process my thoughts and decipher my feelings and it's an incredible emotional outlet! my posterity will probably be reeling with how ridiculous i sound...but it is what it is! it's my life and it's going to be written down in all of it's (probably embellished) glory!


Megan said...

I'm loving your renewed sense in journal writing, if that makes sense! I am praying for the desire to write my journal... but life is too boring or too busy! Purse.... I carry my purse about 99 percent of the time, just in-case I get in a wreck, I have my id. with me. And journal, well never really. sad I know. LOVE YOU!

The Tibbitts said...

I am sure your posterity will love your journal, especially for it's "emotional outlet" because they will get to know the real you. As for me, I try to write in my journal whenever something important or exciting happens, so it isn't usually on a consistent basis. I wrote in my journal a little over a week ago. I know it could be better, but at least the important things are written down and able to be remembered for posterity's sake. As for a purse, I wish I didn't have to carry one because I think they are kind of a nuisance, but because I have a baby my purse is a necesity. I carry it about 93% of the time. It helps now that I actually have a cute/stylish one. :)

BreighAn said...

I carry my purse about 90% of the time. And I wrote in my journal just this morning! I love to write in my journal. Let us know the results of your survey. :)

Becca and Kent said...

I used to write in my journal every single night-I did that for about 6 years straight.
But then, I got married.
And now I never write in it. I guess there was just way more drama in my life that I needed to vent before I got married. :D
And if you count a diaper bag, I carry a purse probably 90% of the time. Before Nicholas, though, I almost never had a bag with me.

Shan'tel said...

Okay, with the purse, I only carry it less than 25% of the time...guess I'm not a huge purse girl! I'm more of a bag with a strap over the shoulder kind of girl...but a do have a few purses:) As for the journal, I write what happens on my calendar and then I eventually catch up my journal a few times a year. I need to be better cuz I actually like writing in my journal...I just need a bit more time!

Laura McKeen said...

I carry a purse 0% of the time:) I wrote in my journal last night!

Kariann Nielson said...

carry a purse 0% of the time unless a book bag or a backpack counts :D
journal... i try to write daily but i'm lucky if it is weekly