Tuesday, August 3, 2010


since getting my new hairdo, i have had a new burst of fashion sense! i was in a big rut and i didn't even know! but now i'm all about style!! :)
my new favorite site here, has been terrific inspiration! i have always loved fashion, remember when i wanted to be a designer, well i feel like this lady and i have similar style so i love love love visiting her site!
there is a giveaway going on right now for a new item from downeast basics! can i just say how much i love downeast basics!! i do! i am wanting so many things from there right now, it's a little insane! if only i could win a summer breeze skirt , i would be in heaven!
in need of some fashion advice, visit uberchicforcheap.blogspot.com! you'll be happy you did!

Things i want!

skirt from Downeast

sweater from Downeast

necklace from Anthropologie

tank from American Eagle

must exercise some self restraint....


Becca and Kent said...

I was at downeast in Logan a few days ago and I almost bought that skirt. I can't stop thinking about it, which means I probably should go back and get it, right? :D

jesikalo said...

oh Becca, i'm the same way! i keep thinking about it all the time! i went back and they didn't have my size...it's taking everything i have not to order it online! let me know when you break, so i can do so too!

The Tibbitts said...

I love those clothes too! Unfortunately, I am not tempted to buy anything right now because I am getting too fat to fit into the right sizes and I am too prideful to go up a size- Maybe in six months. . . :)It was so fun to see you when you came to Rexburg. I'm sorry I wasn't at my best, but it was sure fun to chat like old times. Thanks for taking the time to see me. Love ya!