Sunday, August 29, 2010


I have had many adventures in Utah this month!! The easiest way to retell all of the SUPER FUN things i did while in Utah is to list it! it's going to be a long list!
Sunday- arrived in Logan Utah!!
Monday- Slip n' slide with Sam in the rain!
swimming in the stormclouds
saw Becca and met Nicholas
FHE...kind of lame
stirfry dinner, Aggie Ice Cream and movies!
Tuesday- said goodbye to Sam and Logan
drove to Kaysville
met up with Will Smith, my long lost best friend
lunch at Zupas
saw Salt, the movie
remet Gloria, Will's mom
hit Salt Lake traffic during rush hour and construction
arrived in Provo
stayed with Heather and Camron
soccer, New Moon and popcorn
Wednesday- grocery store with Heather
shopping in Provo
went to the MOODYS- puzzle, shopping with Katie and Julia,
pizza and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, puzzle and Toy Story
Thursday- cold shower, breakfast and puzzle
Oquirrh Mountain Temple!
Heather Martin's wedding
old roommates- McKenzie, Kariann and Kelsey!
adventures in the park- trails, forests and bums with white bikes sleeping under trees
Kelsey's and Bride Wars
In N' Out
Reception at Thanksgiving Pointe
arrived in American Fork
stayed with Shan'tel and Andrew
talked late into the night
Friday- slept in!
slowly got ready
went to Shade liquidation sale...lame
picked Shan'tel up from work
Dear Lizzies!
Pizza biscuit dinner
Saturday- headed home!
got super lost
made it home!
Friday- drove an awesome New red Jeep to Utah!
met up with Shantal!
went curling (like in the Olympics) at the Olympic Oval
in Kearns with the Moodys and Anthony- good curling!
Saturday- Library Booksale
Antelope Island
floating in the Great Salt Lake!
dinner, the Wii and Youtube
Sunday- Church with married people
peanut butter noodles
games, walk, feeding Smart Duck, Grandpa Duck and Teenage Duck
Facebook stalking with Shantal- good times!
Monday- IKEA
pizza, Boccee ball (kicked butt at Boccee Ball with Aaron)
Enchanted in the park
Tuesday- Park City
Relief Society Enrichment
Wednesday- Anniversary Breakfast...with loud smoke detector like alarm clock
Temple Square
whew! what fun trips!! there are so many more things i could say about all of these adventures...and this post needs some pictures, so here's some of those!

Slip n sliding!!

The Twins!
Meeting Becca and Nicholas!
Heather Aulick Smith!
The Moodys!

Old Roommates!

Mr. and Mrs. Snow Shan'tel and I! Me curling!! SOOO COOL!

Master sweepers!

Antelope Island!


What fun!! i had a reallly awesome time in Utah! thank you to all of my friends that put me up for the night and made my trip so worth it! i love you all, thanks for making my vacation so EPIC!
p.s. as a side note, in the past month I got to see all of my 308 roommates! how lucky am i that i got to see Megs, Kay, Becca and Shanny all in one month!! :) ladies, can we have a roommate reunion before the nursing home please? miss you all, love you all!


The Tibbitts said...

I would love a reunion! I won't be back in the West until next summer, so maybe we could plan one then. Glad you got to see every one-I am jealous! Also, loved hearing about your trips to Utah-it sounds like you had a great/busy time.

Samantha said...

FHE was mega lame.

Megan said...

You don't know how much my heart longs for a 308 reunion!! I would love it so much!! Your trip sounded amazing, I need to update my blog I fell guilty looking at yours! :)

Becca and Kent said...

Fun! You know, you are probably the only person I know who has actually gone SWIMMING in the salt lake. :D

Becca and Kent said...

Oh, and I will support a 308 reunion 100 percent!