Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Olsen 2!!

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Olsen!! another wedding! yes we've been doing weddings a lot around here! Taylor and Courtnie got married on May 21, 2011! happy day!! i now have sister #2!

I got to be a bridesmaid for my lovely new sister!
she picked the most beautiful colors- purple and gray! i loved it! everything was beautiful and she was the most beautiful of all!

look at me and my beautiful sisters!

we tramped out to this field to take pictures and although it was a little inconvenient, the pictures turned out amazing!! good thing Court had a helper!

i love this sister of mine!

and look at my studly brothers! dang, they are freaking handsome!

Taylor and Courtnie are one good looking couple! don't you think?

my family is growing! and we are loving it! and we are a good looking bunch of people! :)

me and Lindsey waiting while the boys take pictures! we took a lot of pictures, and Dallan smiled through them all, a great improvement from the last wedding!

the church looked really beautiful! the ceremony was lovely, and that little ringbearer was adorable! you rocked that bowtie Jack!

"I now pronounce you husband and wife!!"
they are one happy couple!

it was a great night and we had a blast celebrating wedding #2!

Taylor and Courtnie are happily married and off on their honeymoon! thankfully they are going to live close by for a while, so we still get to see them! love you two! :)

Congrats my brother and new sister!

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