Wednesday, June 8, 2011


(thanks Shan'tel for the picture!)

Last weekend, a miracle happened!

5 years ago, i moved into an apartment full of wonderful girls! wonderful girls that became the best friends i've ever had! oh i love my 308 girls!

after we all lived together and went our separate ways, we promised that we would get together and see each other from time to time! at the time we said every year, but we realized that wasn't realistic! about 2 1/2 years ago, we all got together in Rexburg.

and the miracle is that last weekend, we were all going to be in the western United States!

Kayla moved to Virginia a year ago, but her and her family are in Boise for the summer!

Becca lives in Texas but was spending a few weeks in Utah.

that meant that we were all in Idaho or Utah!

that was too good a chance for us to pass up!

by some miracle, we made it possible to all get together in Utah for a day!!

and it was a wonderful day!

we met up in the morning and talked and caught up. we made some spaghetti for lunch and then spent the afternoon at the wetlands conservation...which was an incredibly special place to the experienced eye! it was mostly a wetlands with a boardwalk throughout. Tayler took care of the kids (thank you Tayler) so us girls got to just walk and talk and be together!

the rest of the afternoon was spent talking, napping and shopping. we made a bbq dinner and enjoyed the beautiful weather on the back porch! it was a lovely evening! it was so good to just all be together like old times!

we ended the evening with a trip to Dairy Queen for our roommate tradition of Blizzards! (p.s. I just joined the Blizzard Fan Club!) we have always loved Blizzards, and it was so great to get together in our favorite place! we ate Blizzards, laughed and cried while laughing! it was so like old times, i almost believed we were back in Rexburg and it was like we were still living together!

many years have passed, and we've had 3 marriages, 3 kids with 2 on the way, moved thousands of miles away but we are still wonderful friends! i am so grateful to have had Megan, Kayla, Shan'tel and Becca as my roommates and i'm so blessed that they are still my best friends!

i love you ladies!

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The Tibbitts said...

Oh, this post almost made me cry! You are so sweet! I had such a great time with you guys. You are such a wonderful friend, and I am so lucky to have been your roommate too!

P.S. Hurray for the blizzard fan club!