Sunday, May 15, 2011


This weekend i got to go see Wicked!!

for the second time!

It only gets better the second time!

3 years ago, we saved up our money and Shan'tel, Heather, Jessica, Ryan and I made a long trip to LA to see Wicked! it was the best trip ever! totally worth every cent!

about a year ago, we found out that Wicked was coming to Boise! the fact that a Broadway touring company was coming to Boise was huge! so my parents, my neighbors and everyone i know rushed to get tickets. i was dumb and didn't get a ticket because i thought to myself,

"self, you've already seen Wicked, you can't really justify spending $80 to $100 on a ticket, you've already seen it, you don't need to see it again."

so time passes, and Wicked comes to town last weekend. i babysat for my neighbors while they went to Wicked and i was more jealous than i've ever been!! green with envy you might say!

i didn't have a ticket and i wanted one!! but the show had been sold out for weeks- what is a girl to do!?!? thankfully, i didn't have to do a thing!

a week before, my friend Dustin texted me and told me that his mom and sisters were going to Boise to see Wicked. i told him i was super jealous and that his mom and sisters should sneak me forward a couple of days...Dustin's sister Kati texts me and tells me that they have an extra ticket, and it's mine if i want it!! HECK YES I WANT IT!! it was the best news i heard all day, all week even. maybe the best news all month!

as it turned out, the Peters sisters had ordered tickets a year ago, like so many smart people had done, but they had never received their tickets in the mail. they called the company, the company apologized and offered to upgrade their tickets to the 11th row and to give them an extra ticket at half price!!! AHHHH!


the girls mentioned to Dustin they had an extra ticket, thank heavens he didn't want to go and thank my lucky stars that he knew i wanted to go!!

so not only did i get a ticket to Wicked, i got an 11th row ticket at half price!!!

The show was spectacular!! i had forgot how truly breathtaking it is!! when Elphaba sings Defying Gravity, it took my breath away!


next time i have a chance to see it, i'm not wasting time getting my ticket!!

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Samantha said...

Good! I'm so glad it was great! I started to read the book Wicked and I've had a hard time embracing that it is a good story. I needta just go see it live to restore my faith.