Tuesday, January 19, 2010


My Dear Friend Heather Hughes!
(pictured in the middle)

Today i found out that your father died, and today i have been thinking of you! You have known that this is coming for a while now- your dad had cancer and it came back again. But you were selfless and wanted him to go quickly so that he wouldn't suffer anymore!
How lucky we are that we have the Gospel and know that he is not gone, how lucky you are to have the Spirit and the peace that it has brought you in these last couple of months
and will continue to bring you!
How loved you are, by me and so many others-
your family, your friends and your Father in Heaven.
How blessed I am to know you! You are such a strong woman, and i admire you! i have always admired your close relationship with your Heavenly Father. When you pray, I know that He hears you because you know that He hears you! How blessed I was to be your roommate and to be your forever friend! From talking muffins and prodigal bamboo, to late night talks in my room, to sobbing fests in your room, to trips and adventures, to moving and moving on! You have been the truest friend to me these 4 years, and even though our paths have gone different directions, we are still friends!
You are going through a hard time right now, but you will get through with flying colors! because you have already showed me the strength that you have, because you know that
" death isn't as horrible as I thought it would be. It's really quite easy with the spirit."
You are so amazing! Only a strong, independent, humble person like you could feel that way! You help me realize that life is hard, but so good! I have my father with me, and my mom and my four brothers! I have a loving family and a nice house to live in. I have food and water and a job to go to. I am happy and healthy! and i have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life! and you have showed me that life is worth every minute that we have! I'm so glad that i have you in my life and i wish i could be there with you now!
but know that i love you dearly and am praying for you!


Shan'tel said...

Wow, this is really beautiful and touching. I love you Heather!

Megan said...

I really couldn't have said it better. Love you Heather!

The Tibbitts said...

Wow! That was beautiful. I agree. What a great tribute to a great friend. I also love you Heather!