Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blast from the Past!

i've been doing a lot of soul searching lately because i'm kind of lost right now in my life! i've just completed a major milestone in my life and i'm trying to figure out what this next stage will bring! in my search, i've been doing a lot of looking at my past and trying to compare who i was then to who i am now and who i want to be in the future! this has lead me to find some really amazing gems of my past! this video is one such example! during my sophomore year at BYU-Idaho, i had the BEST roommates a girl could ask for! we were all so close and they are still my best friends to this day! Shanny, Kay, Becca and Megs- i love you!! i love this video because it reminds me of all of the good times that we had, but really, how much fun we did have! Everyday was a party and i loved every minute! Today i have been missing those times, thanks to many memory texts from Becca today :) and some other conversations i've had this past week, i'm remembering the good times and hoping for more!!

this video is just a brief glimpse of the fond memories i have in 308!
some of my favorite things from this video are:

Shan'tel's sweatpants that say, "You can't afford me" which she took a permanent marker to so that they read "You can afford me"!
Our winter lights in the background!
Shan'tel belting out "EGGGGSSSS"!
Kayla's laugh in the background!
Megs riding in on her horse! and her karate cartwheel!
and let's be honest- Becca's excellence as a director!

Above is Part 1 and below is Part 2 of this skit! i love these friends! my life is forever better because I know you!
there are so many more videos i wish to post but i might crash my computer trying to put them all on! we had too many good times and i'm so glad that we documented so many!
i love you Megan, Kayla, Shan'tel and Becca!
this one's for you!

p.s. this last video is just a bonus! because i remember how much fun we had this night! and i'm missing our brothers like nobody's business! There is little i can say to make this video make sense- i have only three things to say, 1) John, 2) the Pope, 3) the KKK! :) Listen to those laughs!


Shan'tel said...

oh my gosh I was so excited to watch these vidoes again...but they said they are unavailable....aggghhhhh!

jesikalo said...

you're right! they didn't work but i think that they are working now! try again! i'm sorry you were disappointed with their unavailability!

The Tibbitts said...

We had such great times! I wasn't able to get the videos to work either, but just thinking about them made me laugh and brought back such fun memories. Thanks for the post. Love ya!

Becca and Kent said...

Oh man. Thank you so much! I am now dying to see you all again!! We were the best together. Seriously.
I love you!

Shan'tel said...

jesika these are hilarious!!! post more!!!!!!!!!!!