Friday, March 26, 2010

Birthday and Craft Update!!

Yes I am going to put those two things together! Yes i blew out all of the candles! and Yes this post is going to be awesome! Today is my 23rd birthday- hooray for me! Today has been a great day thanks to family, friends and just the fact that it is my birthday! :) i highly anticipate that tomorrow might be the worst day of this year because in the past i always have a super bad day sometime around my birthday, i guess the best day has to be followed with a not so good day, BUT today is my birthday and i am going to enjoy it! I had a nice day with my family, relaxed at home and got a ton of wonderful birthday wishes from a ton of dear dear friends! I have a strange goal of getting the same number of birthday comments on Facebook as my age (not that there's anything i can do about it but it's fun nonetheless) and thanks to my wonderful friends, i more than met that goal! It's a good day! we had Italian chicken for my birthday dinner, chocolate heaven cake and ice cream for dessert and watched the Blindside! it really was a good day! i didn't go out on the town or frequent any bars but i did have a great b-day! complete with some superb presents! Because of my recent craft obsession, a lot of the things that i asked for are craft related but really my presents are a random hodge podge of awesomeness that anyone would die for!

1)Diploma Frame

at the age of 23, Yes i have graduated from college! YEAH! i am super glad that i have accomplished this task by this time in my life! it is a big thing! so i have a diploma, so i needed something to put it in! i do have a diploma cover but then you can't actually see that important piece of paper, but now with a frame, you can!

2)Scents Burner

although i wanted a Scentsy burner, i will take the off brand scents burner! it's cute and it gives off a lovely scent, so it will do- i'll keep it!

3)Windshield Wonder

when we watch TV at home, there are more than enough cheesy infomercials on and my brothers and i either make fun of them or totally want whatever they are selling. ones we make fun of- pop can Bottle Toppers, Bump its, Big Top cupcakes, Smooth Away, ones we love and totally want- Windshield Wonder, Bump its :)
so my dear brother Taylor got me a windshield wonder for my birthday! naturally he wants to use it for his car too, but he also cleaned my windshield- and it was so fast and easy, only with the Windshield Wonder!!

4)Picture Frames

i will always have a love for pictures frames! i'm not sure what i'm going to put in them yet, but i'll find something! i found the gold one today and i actually think i'm going to paint it black or if i'm feeling crazy, maybe a turquoise or a red! I smell a craft project!


as i mentioned, i found another purse pattern that i want to try out! this bag doesn't take a lot of fabric, so i got these two fabrics for pretty cheap! i also got a gift card to Joanns so that i can get some more fabric to fuel my creative side! i wonder how long this craft obsession is going to last...

6)Tool Set

okay, i know that this is totally random and seems totally not like me, BUT while i was at school, there was more than one occasion when i, or someone i knew, would need a screwdriver or a hammer so i always thought that i should get a tool kit! and of course i wanted a girly one! these tools are pink- LOVE IT! i know that my brothers won't touch them so now if i ever need to fix something, which probably won't happen until i live away from my 4 men and handy mom but the day will come!

7)Food Chopper

this will also come in handy when i have my own house and my own kitchen and cook for myself again, but at the very least, i am slowly but surely getting myself some nice kitchen stuff!


i really don't need any more clothes but i sure want some more! i got this nice skirt and some other things...but there are a few other things that i have found that i i'm going to be going on a shopping trip soon!


last year for my birthday i got TWILIGHT! and lucky me, this year NEW MOON came out 6 days before my birthday so that completes my current Twilight series DVD collection! until Eclipse comes out! i know that it's cliche to love Twilight, but i do and i don't care that i'm excited to get New Moon for my birthday! and i'm going to really love making my brothers watch it! ha ha ha ha (evil laugh)!

10)New Journal!

i got this present for myself! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! i love journals and even though i have just barely started on my next one and have another blank one, i really love this one (the pink one on the top) and it has been promoted to next on the list!

And for my craft update...this week for our Relief Society activity, we made the temple plaques! i made this one and i think that it turned out pretty well, i'm not sure that i like the ribbon to hang with, so i just tied it but i could always change it if need be!

I have also almost finished this bag! I'm not quite finished and i'm going to add some embellishments to it to spice it up, but all in all, i think i like it! :)


Samantha said...

Woo woo!! That post was all kinds of crazy/exciting! I'm so glad your birthday was grrrrrrrrr-eat!!!!

Betsy said...

Jes, I am the loser friend who did *not* contact you to acknowledge your birthday. But, I did think about you. We even watched the new made-for-TV-Disney-original-movie where the lead character's name is Jesika Olsen! (I'm certain she spells it the same. . .) Anyway, Happy Birthday! I am officially joining your family so that I can get TEN birthday presents. And, I love the way your bag turned out. Darling! So glad you had a fun day. Here's to another great year!!

Shan'tel said...

love the skirt...(shade right?!). And I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday and hopefully today was good too??!

Becca and Kent said...

Whew! Happy Birthday again! I am glad you had a great day!

Kent says "Aloha!" with a crazy hand movement "because that means hello and goodbye." ;D

I love your new background!

And I have one of those food choppers-it is one of my favorite kitchen tools. So helpful.

Your bag is so cute, and I can't wait to see the results of the rest of your craftiness!!

Love you!