Wednesday, May 19, 2010


When you have a really crappy day, a day like today, what do you reach for?? I personally look for one of two things- clothes or food! :) Today was a mostly crappy day! I have been long term subbing for a 6th grade class and mostly they are good kids! but this one class had given me the run around and today i got so mad that i left the class!! ;) okay i just stepped out of the class but still! so today i needed some comfort food! i took a jaunt to good ol McD's and got myself a crispy chicken honey mustard snack wrap! oh yum! i don't know why but i freaking love those snack wraps! and then another drive down the street to the sno cone shack for a strawberries n' cream sno cone! :) and those two things together make for my mid day snack and a little pick me up!

What do you grab for when you have had a crappy day!?
(not to make you focus on the crap of a day, but the comfort afterwards!)


The Tibbitts said...

I would have to say snow cones too, but with lime and coconut flavoring. Sorry you had a rough day. How much longer 'til school is out?

BreighAn said...

Ice cream. Always ice cream.

Megan said...

I'm sorry it was a crappy day! That's never fun. Leaving is sometimes good, then the kids are shocked and don't know what to do! Comfort food.... brownies, ice cream, HOT CHOCOLATE! I would say that's my number one comfort drink. Snowcones don't rank on my list of favorite things, but they are slowly getting there. I had my frist one last summer!

Becca and Kent said...

Sorry about your day!
The thing that never fails to cheer me up and comfort me is graham crackers with frosting dipped in milk. It is the ultimate after-school treat, and brings back so many memories!