Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Teaching is an adventure! Today had some really good moments though-
1. I can not help myself from sharing this...i was cleaning up papers from the tables after the kids left for the period and i found this note and i just have to share it! it's so ridiculous!
Dear friend,
You may or may not believe this but i get away with being bad because i'm a vampire. you won't believe it cause you think they aren't real but they are.
i honestly could not stop laughing! this girl really thinks she's a vampire! what is this world coming too?? maybe i'll get a paper cut in front of her and see what happens! :)
2- we have been talking about symbolism for the past couple of days and the other day we talked about symbolism in music. we talked about some songs lyrics and one of the songs was Drops of Jupiter by Train! I have literally had that song stuck in my head for the past week. Today i showed them a video from youtube with the lyrics so they could hear the music and see the class ate it up! they were being so awesome that when they requested that i play Fireflies for them, i couldn't resist. Two boys went up to the front of the room and started interpretive dancing to the song right in the middle of class and it was AWESOME! i so wished at that moment that i had a video camera! it was so hilarious! two 6th grade boys twirling around in slow circles while "the earth moves slowly"! PRICELESS!!

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Megan said...

Oh wow! I love 6th grade for this reason!! I'm calling you tomorrrow!