Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Due Reward!

I love long term subbing- do not get me wrong- but these kids at the end of the school year are out of control!! I love them, (most of them), but these kids are giving me the run around! It's a hard balance between caring what they do and just running out of patience to care what they do! The teacher i am subbing for is on maternity leave and she will be retiring from teaching to be a stay-at-home mom! because of this, she has boxes in her room so that she can come and pack things up! This week, because i'm so nice and because i had run out of patience, I let this boy named Matt build a fort with them! He's been wanting to all week and I got tired of saying no- and dang was it so cute to see this 6th grader doing his spelling packet in a cardboard box fort! I wish i had taken a picture! I know i probably shouldn't have let him do it, but i didn't care at that point!
i figure that i deserve a reward if i can make it through these last 2 weeks of school! i think that i more than deserve this-
i love it and want it and frankly, i'm going to get it before school is over! maybe i should have enough self-control to wait but i don't!

there is also something else that i am dying to own, but i don't know that there is anything i can go through to feel that i deserve this as a's $200, but it would be well worth it!
all of the seasons of Lost compiled so conveniently in one boxed set! if i really rationalize, i tell myself that buying all the seasons separately would be much more expensive- 6 seasons x $40 per season= $240! so $200 is a steal! ;) okay, maybe not, but i'm starting to save my money!!

as a side note...
i have mixed emotions about the whole thing- i became a Lost fan my junior year of college! i had few friends and a non-existent social life and a good internet connection, all which lead me to watching seasons 1-5 on my down time (and when i should be doing homework, and when i should be studying, and when i should be doing a whole slue of other things) and i fell in love! I watched Lost so much that i started dreaming about meeting Jack Shepard on an island, and flying on airplanes and sitting next to Kate Austen! I LOVE LOST! i am so excited to see if all of my questions will be answered tomorrow, i kind of think they won't, but i can not wait to watch the series finale (i'll be watching it Monday, so don't bother me on Monday!)
but then it will be over, and then what will we talk about through late night texts Betsy! well...we'll just have to watch it over from the beginning, that way i can still get my Lost kick every week!


BreighAn said...

I. Hate. Long. Term. Subbing. Seriously. However, I do love that you let that kid build a fort. I would have done the same thing!I have never seen a single episode of Lost, but I hear it's good. Amazon is pre-selling the Lost collection for $150. That'll save ya a little bit. Good luck with the last two weeks, darling cousin! And you definitely deserve WHATEVER you want to gift yourself. It's like being a survivor to a disease making through the end of a school year! I'm proud of you!

Megan said...

As a teacher, heck let the kid build a fort! last week of school.. go for it!! :) Also, I'm proud you're making it through, it must be hard but you're awesome. And give me your address please and I'll get you the green cd this week! :) Love you!

Becca and Kent said...

Haha. Lost is one of those shows that gets in your dreams. So many mornings Kent and I wake up and compare the dreams we had about Jack or Hurley or the island, etc.

And I've got shivers just thinking about the whole thing being OVER, forever!
What are we ever going to find to replace it's spot in our lives? :D

The Tibbitts said...

I think you deserve it! Any substitute teacher deserves a reward, but most definitely a long term one. Good job sticking it out.

P.S. We are going private with our blog. Would you text me your email so that I can add you? Thanks, Kayla